Guest Artist Fran Hillman

"I  live in the home town of Thomas Gainsborough in beautiful Suffolk. I started painting over twenty years ago and have never really stopped apart from a departure into computer animation and children's literature.

"I have work held in private collections across the UK and am captivated by colour, light, shape and texture.

Every new piece is an adventure and may it always be so!"

Bern Ross was born in London and tutored by the great artist Cyril Hamersma who would take her to his exhibitions and give her encouragement to create throughout her life.

She took formal training in Art & Design in East Anglia, late 60s, and went on to use it in careers involving teaching and writing.

Inspired by sunshine, wet paint, the work of Joan Eardley, Willem De Kooning, and of course Hamersma, to mention just a few; Bern works at home when too tired to walk the coast path and absorb the fantastic air and views around North East Scotland.

Nearly all her paintings are a compilation of images she has seen around her in Scotland or remembered from the many places she lived in as a child. Bern Ross is primarily an abstract expressionist artist and would never copy a photograph though she might use one as an aide memoire.

The pictures develop from her love of colour, her beautiful surroundings  in Scotland, and a sometimes unstoppable imagination; together with an exuberant desire to explore and experiment with texture and paint.

See Bern's personal website at Bern Ross Artist

Artist News/Exhibitions:

"You will only find my work for sale online or in my studio at home here in North East Scotland.

"I have taken part in NEOS (North East Open Studios) many times and I’m a member of the Scottish Artists Union.

"I held a MAJOR SOLO EXHIBITION in Montrose, Angus in May 2013 I displayed over 60 paintings for a month - it was a very good experience and a fantastic stepping stone. Most of the paintings have now found good homes.

"Most recently I had the privilege to share the beautiful new studio of Frances Gilroy for NEOS 2014 where there's a stunning view of the sea and Mearns countryside and where Ishowed some new, previously unseen work including - especially - seascapes, both abstracted and conventional. They were immensely popular and - with knock-on effects from the Open Studio event itself - I continue to paint my beloved seascapes in between colourful experiments and abstracts."

"I will be exhibiting at home in my studio during NEOS this year, but as I love reading and editing Short Fiction - with 30+ years experience in the field - I'm running competitions to keep my hand in."