APRIL 2017 ~  Modern Art Writing Competition


First Prize

Abstract painting with elephant-like shapes


by Linda Fuller


The heat sank into our bones as we watched a family of elephants, taking turns to drink. Unworldly, the stuff of childhood dreams. I wondered if they sensed us, our group a dark hillock against the low slung sun.

I thought of him and me and what we had talked about before the trip. I touched the earth. The first heartbeats were here, millennia ago.


A woman’s scream.

A cry.

Decision made, defiantly.

© Linda Fuller 2017

I chose this piece because, inspired by this purely abstract painting 'In and Out', it shows so much imagination. It's beautifully written and very evocative. It left me thinking about its meaning for days afterwards.

~  Bern Ross

Highly Commended

It was tough to find an overall winner and impossible to discard any of these five 75 word fictional pieces. They deserve publication for the way they say so much in so few words :

Person on bike in colourful surroundings


by Mel Elston

 I was born ocean blue on a hot yellow day. The sky took a deep breath and cradled me in a white cloud to a green land. I floated, content, but grew restless in an angry grey nimbus. And then, I saw him, cycling below. I slipped down a glittering rainbow to reach him: red, orange, violet. I kissed his brow to cool him. My journey at an end, he smiled and so did I.

©Mel  Elston 2017

Inspired by Bleak Beauty


A story in 75 words is a challenge in itself. Not many people know that.

Colourful landscape painting


by Rebecca Wells

When the cackling crows were more melodic than your bitter voice, I always retreated here. As prickly as gorse, I stifled angry yells and snarled at the sky. On some days, stinging rain scolded me, and on others, benevolent sunshine soothed my grudges. Mollified, I would return to receive your loving, honeyed tones.

But your voice has now deserted me. I only have my own, and its screams are being carried by taunting winds.

© Rebecca Wells 2017

Inspired by Echo Valley


Abstract painting including two figures

Every Day

by Anne Hansford



“What did you say?”


“Just now?”

“Nothing.  I didn’t say anything.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Yes, of course I’m sure.”

“Oh. I thought I heard you say something.”


“Oh. Okay.”


A breath. Or two. Or five.




“This time I said something.”

“You did?  I didn’t hear you. What? What did you say?”

“I said I love you.”


“I do. I love you.”

“Yes. Yes. I love you too.”

© Anne Hansford 2017

Inspired by Life As We Know It

Landscape with trees and purple  Lupin

The Eimination Team

“Be careful,” he hisses, his voice even firmer than his grip on my arm.   

Shaking him off, I pull on my gloves. 

Gloves are mandatory. As are the protective glasses I lower over my eyes.

“A purple Hellwhort blinded my father, you know,” he whispers. I know.

The Hellwhort rises, quivering, a monstrous snake emerging from its burrow. Hungry. 

We will cut it down. But they will keep coming.

Until all the world is purple.

© Josette Reeves 2017

Inspired by Rogue Lupin


Abstract painting with Squircle


by Pat Wright

I'm sending you a virtual blanket, woven with love. Long enough to slide shaking legs under. It's stitched with light to fend off dark terrors. Edged with tenderness to mop wet cheeks. Wrap love around you when in need of comfort. Cover arm scars when the urge comes to cut. I don't understand, but I do care about you. I will stand with you to fight through rough changes. Remember, you are not alone now.

© Pat Wright 2017

Inspired by The Light Shines in the Dark



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